The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the multi-level activist organization for which President Obama worked and which now is entangled in charges of voter fraud in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S., appears to be in the bull’s-eye of investigators.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a judge hearing a voter fraud case against an ACORN employee has suggested investigators pursue the conglomerate itself, obtaining a promise that it will be done.

The exchange came in the courtroom of Senior District Judge Richard Zoller. The Tribune-Review report today said the judge told Allegheny County Detective Robert F. Keenan, ‘Somebody has to go after ACORN. … It’s happening all over the country. All you have to do is turn on the television.’

Keenan responded, “We will.”

The local investigation into members of ACORN and their allegedly illegal voter registration actions last year remains “open and active,” a spokesman for District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. told the newspaper.

“There is quite a bit of activity aimed at determining if anyone else should be charged,” said Mike Manko.

The local case involves Eric E. Jordan, 20, who is the sixth person ordered to go to trial in Allegheny County on charges including soliciting a voter registration and interfering with county officials.

The prosecutor alleges ACORN workers are guilty of voter registration fraud and using quotas, a procedure barred by state law, the report said.

Jordan’s attorney agreed with the judge on some issues, including the issue of who is at fault, according to the Tribune-Review.

“ACORN should be charged, not my client,” attorney Olga Salvatori told the judge, explaining Jordan didn’t know it was illegal to set up a quota system.

Officials for ACORN have denied the organization required quotas for its voter registration drive workers. But they did admit to having “standards” employees must meet.

As WND reported earlier this month, a branch of ACORN, Project Vote, sued a whistleblower for $5 million.”0

Let us pray that someone nails these community organizers to the wall once and for all.  Do whatever it takes to keep them away from the Census.