I am unapologetically an American, Black female, Christian, Conservative.

I am also a firm believer in God, family and country.

I love the liberties and freedom in accordance with the Constitution and have no intention of walking or running away from those freedoms as bestowed upon us by the Founders.

Born and raised in the Empire State, I am a mother, aunt and grandmother having raised a son and four nieces on my own while caring for a disabled spouse.

The Heavenly Father is my Messiah not the jackrabbit and deceiver in the White House.  I thank the Lord above for giving us His Son, Jesus Christ, who in turn died so that we may live.

Member of the sisterhood who strongly believes in fighting the good fight.  I am also an advocate for those unable to fight and speak for themselves.

Not one to live or think within the box, I am free-spirited and capable of drawing my own conclusion.  Any input by the Progressive establishment on both the left and the right is most unwelcome.

I do not trust politicians, am a seeker of the truth, a conspiracy theorist and I dance to the beat of my own heart.

The drums from the likenesses of George Soros, Barack Obama, the DNC, large corporations, etc. fall upon deaf ears. I know who they are and see them for what they are or better yet are not.

Sound bites, lies, myths, alternate realities, political tidbits and rhetorical promises of hope and change mean nothing to me.  And I will not allow them to deflect my attention from what is really going on in government today.

screenshot deuteronomy 20 4I believe in sharing the truth, informing and educating the masses and prefer to live in the light.

I have, therefore, chosen to speak out, make my voice heard, demand accountability and right the wrongs.

I will not be silenced.

I fight for the future of my grandchildren, their children, my freedoms and my country.

a little more than a month ago, i became a proud council member of watcher of weasels.