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My previous post, Incensed Muslims protest outside Downing Street as Obama visits Britain, was such a huge success with one futile Progressive that he is having Bush flashbacks.  The futile one would, therefore, be more than pleased to learn that radical Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary is launching an endeavor to accelerate the Islamization of the UK.

Choudary is preparing to set up teams of Islamic “Guardian Angels,” the purpose of which is to bring Sharia law to the UK.

Choudary believes that Muslims can do a better job of policing Muslim communities in the UK than UK law enforcement.


“…Last night he said: “In these ‘Emirates’, these Islamic enclaves, we are going to start implementing our own neighbourhood watch, our own police.

‘We will not stop and search you but we will be able to perform citizens’ arrests. We want to protect Muslims and their property. It will be like a Neighbourhood Watch scheme but on a larger scale. We want to police ourselves.

‘Of course we do not want people to break the law but we want them to be able to go out and protect themselves and their property.

‘I think this is the right direction. It is about time the Muslims took these things into their own hands. We cannot trust the Government, we cannot trust the police to look after the welfare of Muslims…”

How long will it be before the stoning begins in the UK?