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The following applications for an Article V convention (A5C) have been pending in the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee since early January.  A hearing is scheduled for the Term Limits application on Tuesday:

H 3166 (Term Limits) – [highlight]Hearing Tuesday 4/30/19 @ 2:30 pm Eastern. [/highlight]

H 3125 (COSP) – Hearing not yet scheduled

H 3017 (BBA) – Hearing not yet scheduled

Attached is our State flyer which explains the dangers of an A5C.

HERE are words from brilliant men who warned against an A5C.

Most legislators vote based on the subject of the application (such as congressional term limits).  [highlight] But the subject is just window-dressing to help “sell” the legislators on the application.  In fact, an A5C can’t be limited to the subject of the application. [/highlight]

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that we need Senators to vote “No!” on H 3166 using any arguments we can.  So, please choose a short argument or two against term limits to throw in with your general objection to an Article V convention.  Term limits is a horrible idea, and there are plenty of arguments to choose from.  See attached or HERE.

In this excellent VIDEO (4:23 – 9:22) Robert Brown shows the absurdity of a term limits amendment when he explains why it should be called the “Lame Duck Amendment.”


This ARTICLE is good for showing Democrats why they need to oppose all A5C resolutions.

Please back up our ground team and write to House Speaker Jay Lucas, Chairman Peter McCoy, and the remaining 120 SC House members.  The same letter will do for all with different “asks”:

First, write Republican [highlight]Committee Chair Peter McCoy[/highlight], and ask him to hold H 3166, H 3125, H 3017, and all Article V convention applications in committee without taking a vote: Dear Representative McCoy: PeterMcCoy@schouse.gov.

Next, write Republican [highlight]House Speaker Jay Lucas [/highlight], and ask him to prevent H 3166, H 3125, H 3017, and all Article V convention applications from going to the House floor, should they get out of committee.  Dear Speaker Lucas: JayLucas@schouse.gov,

[highlight]Then write the remaining 120 South Carolina House Members[/highlight] and ask them to VOTE “No!” on H 3166, H 3125, H 3017, and all applications from South Carolina asking Congress to call an Article V convention:

House Republicans (76) – Dear Representative:

RitaAllison@schouse.gov, WilliamBailey@schouse.gov, NathanBallentine@schouse.gov, BruceBannister@schouse.gov, LinBennett@schouse.gov, BartBlackwell@schouse.gov, JeffBradley@schouse.gov, BruceBryant@schouse.gov, MikeBurns@schouse.gov, PaulaCalhoon@schouse.gov, MicahCaskey@schouse.gov, ConverseChellis@schouse.gov, BillChumley@schouse.gov, GaryClary@schouse.gov, AlanClemmons@schouse.gov, WilliamCogswell@schouse.gov, NealCollins@schouse.gov, WestleyCox@schouse.gov, BobbyCox@schouse.gov, heathercrawford@schouse.gov, JosephDaning@schouse.gov, SyllesteDavis@schouse.gov, JasonElliott@schouse.gov, ShannonErickson@schouse.gov,

RayeFelder@schouse.gov, KirkmanFinlay@schouse.gov, CalForrest@schouse.gov, MikeForrester@schouse.gov, russellfry@schouse.gov, CraigGagnon@schouse.gov, LeonGilliam@schouse.gov, KevinHardee@schouse.gov, BillHerbkersman@schouse.gov, LeeHewitt@schouse.gov, JHill@schouse.gov, DavidHiott@schouse.gov, BillHixon@schouse.gov, ChipHuggins@schouse.gov, MaxHyde@schouse.gov, JeffJohnson@schouse.gov, jayjordan@schouse.gov, MandyKimmons@schouse.gov, ThomasLigon@schouse.gov, StevenLong@schouse.gov, PhillipLowe@schouse.gov, NancyMace@schouse.gov, JosiahMagnuson@schouse.gov,

RickMartin@schouse.gov, JohnMcCravy@schouse.gov, TimMcGinnis@schouse.gov, AdamMorgan@schouse.gov, DennisMoss@schouse.gov, SteveMoss@schouse.gov, ChrisMurphy@schouse.gov, BrandonNewton@schouse.gov, WestonNewton@schouse.gov, TommyPope@schouse.gov, BillSandifer@schouse.gov, GarySimrill@schouse.gov, GarrySmith@schouse.gov, MurrellSmith@schouse.gov, MikeSottile@schouse.gov, KitSpires@schouse.gov, TommyStringer@schouse.gov, EddieTallon@schouse.gov, BillTaylor@schouse.gov, AnneThayer@schouse.gov, MacToole@schouse.gov, AshleyTrantham@schouse.gov, JayWest@schouse.gov, BrianWhite@schouse.gov, BillWhitmire@schouse.gov, MarkWillis@schouse.gov, ChrisWooten@schouse.gov, RonaldYoung@schouse.gov, RichardYow@schouse.gov,

House Democrats (44) – Dear Representative:

TerryAlexander@schouse.gov, CarlAnderson@schouse.gov, LucasAtkinson@schouse.gov, JimmyBales@schouse.gov, JustinBamberg@schouse.gov, BethBernstein@schouse.gov, WendyBrawley@schouse.gov, RobertBrown@schouse.gov, BillClyburn@schouse.gov, GildaCobbHunter@schouse.gov, ChandraDillard@schouse.gov, LaurieFunderburk@schouse.gov, KambrellGarvin@schouse.gov, WendellGilliard@schouse.gov, JerryGovan@schouse.gov, ChrisHart@schouse.gov, JackieHayes@schouse.gov, RosalynHendersonMyers@schouse.gov, PatriciaHenegan@schouse.gov, LonnieHosey@schouse.gov, LeonHoward@schouse.gov, JosephJefferson@schouse.gov,

JohnKing@schouse.gov, RogerKirby@schouse.gov, DavidMack@schouse.gov, AnnieMcDaniel@schouse.gov, CezarMcKnight@schouse.gov, JAMoore@schouse.gov, russellott@schouse.gov, AnneParks@schouse.gov, MarvinPendarvis@schouse.gov, MandyNorrell@schouse.gov, BobbyRidgeway@schouse.gov, MichaelRivers@schouse.gov, LeolaRobinsonSimpson@schouse.gov, SethRose@schouse.gov, ToddRutherford@schouse.gov, KrystleSimmons@schouse.gov, LeonStav@schouse.gov, IvoryThigpen@schouse.gov, JDavidWeeks@schouse.gov, WillWheeler@schouse.gov, RobertWilliams@schouse.gov, ShedronWilliams@schouse.gov,

Thank you for defending our Constitution!