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<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Homo neanderthalensis by <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/66451944@N03/42396583455/in/photolist-27ArzbP-eFACVg-eFADJp-eFADkn-boB2CQ-pyA5Ej-8ac8Ls-i5xhxG-8Gb3cn-8a9hT4-8a9mkc-848Qcb-CHxd7-c6AiQ1-sfEp4U-4RGExr-8Gee5G-8Geeoh-C5gqgN-8Gb3r8-ph84YL-CUujti-8Gb2XT-dfL4Ht-c6yJ8w-8Gb2sr-8GeeFm-5vb6cT-dfL4Pv-c6AjnQ-6B1Lx6-ZkCVE-4Dyiwy-85STG6-eaakwt-4giSK1-aJkB5c-MuqrCA-8GeeWU-RgYxg-bfCR5z-eJdzXj-bfgZET-6z8rbu-tuYCT-84vzS6-251dG5S-23CJZiY-bfCRcp-bg2iuH">Thomas Vogt</a>-Flickr (<a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>) [Brain volume up to 1750cc (Homo sapiens average 1270 cc) LWL Museum of Natural History, Münster, Germany]</span>

Homo neanderthalensis by Thomas Vogt-Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) [Brain volume up to 1750cc (Homo sapiens average 1270 cc) LWL Museum of Natural History, Münster, Germany]

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

Is America an accident? A freak of Nature?  Or, is America the product of Intelligent Design?

I don’t intend to try to answer the second half of that question here as that requires an inquiry into philosophy and theology. But by the longest list of scientific and common sense proofs, I think I can say without equivocation that America is no accident. We cannot be a freak of Nature. So you can sort of figure out the rest yourself.

This is something we no longer teach our children, but we are unique.

Now, scholars (intellectuals) for the past 200 years have had no problem ignoring this question, for they think it’s a trick question, which does not really require an answer. If they reply that Yes, America is a freak, then the obvious response from the trickster asking the question is: Then why has America survived so long? In nature almost all mutations quickly die out. They can rarely survive into a second generation, much less a third.

And America is into somewhere around its 118th generation of de facto self-governance, while, before the 1787 Constitution, there is no recorded history of a real nation (bigger than a tribe) ever making it past one. (Agreed, also prior to 1787, almost all history was written by “scribes of the kings”, the real name for “historians” for millennia, so there could have been dozens of nascent self-governed peoples who were simply squished, or gobbled up by a next-door invading king, only they were too small and insignificant to rate a page in the “annals of the king” being prepared by his historians.)

In fact, the archaeological record of pre-dynastic Egypt suggests this is how several tribes of farm people in the Nile region slowly morphed into an organized hierarchical “corporation”, with a chairman of the board king, a head priest, and every other person in the realm owing some duty to them. Subjects.

The Egyptians and a few other empires in a region from the eastern Mediterranean to the Indus Valley (India) started this process of “civilization” about 3000 BC, 5000 years ago. And they did many wondrous things, especially building things that for generations for centuries could; i.e. monuments to themselves, which was their purpose[…]

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