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Night, Dark Alley Source: (Pixabay)


Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

2019 and the Democrats have given clear evidence where they want to take America and how they intend to get us there. Sadly, a large number of sitting Republicans have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by donors to be part of this same one-world alliance.

Both sides are becoming more easily defined.

So, regular people out here, the eventual victims should they succeed, but still a strong majority, need to be able to do things other than just screech on Twitter and Facebook.

Citizens need to develop a ground game at least until we can see established a Congress that more clearly reflects what “the people”, as defined in the Constitution, want to be done about the current state of our government class.

That could take a few years.

We have a plan and a book, in the making for over ten years.

With three other friends around the country, I began a low-grade counter-insurgency-site in 2007 aimed at local government, leaving national politics out of the picture. I don’t know how many “cells” we help create around the country, or how many are still active, at least 40, since the idea then was that only the “target” would know what we had done, or why, No one else would ever know.

All we wanted to do was tell a crooked bureaucrat “we know what you did, and where you live” and suggest he stop.

Our purpose then, as it is now, is to use low-grade “inconvenience-misdemeanors” to property, from Gucci purses to rosebushes next to the house, to let the target know we meant business, then let his own imagination fill in the blanks. After all, he/she already knew they were guilty. They just didn’t know they’d been caught. Or how.

As in most criminal offenses of this nature, once caught then given a chance to stop and go straight, I think most do.

True to our private agreement, we didn’t take credit for making them stop. The secret of our continued success was that no one ever knew we were there[…]

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