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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

This is the first of our Bellweather Reports, published on an “as-needed” basis.

(Note our weather vane and the direction it is flying.)

We are still winning. 

They are still losing.

We are still mounted on horses. They are still afoot.

And Donald Trump still works for us, and not us for him.

Donald Trump understands this relationship, and that They, and we all know who “They” are, are trying to get to Trump by driving a wedge between the President and us.

They are coming unglued right now because of their inability to move the needle about our resolve.

My purpose here at VassarBushmills.com is to help you by-pass the gossip and trivia that is found on Twitter and the vast majority of media printed and televised news stories.

I can find no profit to our end-game in trying to super-analyze the Mueller investigation, or wonder out loud why so many criminals in the deep state are still unindicted. Since their crimes are so evident, there simply is no basis to believe our people up on the horses aren’t aware of as well.

I have to believe there will be a final accounting, albeit not on a schedule that suits many of your temperaments.

This is because we are not allowed to listen in on their private discussions and plans, and to make up for, have tried our hand at clairvoyance in order to relay what those plans are.

Frankly, I’m weary of this.

Much of what I read on Twitter now are the “cri de Coeur” of many, including some very fine analysts who seem suddenly to have thrown up their hands in despair, not because this final accounting hasn’t begun, but because it hasn’t occurred according to their timetable.

If you want something really difficult, try to design a mass invasion of France, with daily changes for 6 months, w/o benefit of computers.

If you enjoy this as sport, fine, but this is what I bypass on Twitter and the associated links, for there is nothing relevant there that will affect the final outcome.

(I plan to publish a short outline about how I read social media without allowing my spine to be curved and causing us to lose the War in Vietnam, which we did by the way. Twitter may have some value but needs to be de-cluttered.)


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