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Regardless of the spin as spun by Progressives, the Democratic Party has gone full circle…or could it be that Democrats are today exactly who they were a century, a century and a half ago.

I suspect the latter.

Long before 1900, the Democratic Party was the party of bigotry.  In 1965, the Democratic Party was the  party of bigotry.  In 1990, the Democratic Party was STILL the party of bigotry.

Ditto that for 2009 when Barack Obama was elected. Enter 2019 and….the Democratic Party having removed its sheep’s clothing is showing the world that nothing has changed except that Democrats are operating in the open again.  Democrats are still THE PARTY OF BIGOTRY.

Useful idiots are out of their league. Their failed attempts to take on and demolish Dinesh D’Souza backfires Y-U-U-UGELY.

Published on YouTube – February 19, 2019 by True Liberty

Student attempts to call President Trump names,Gets owned by Dinesh D’Souza