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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

An update from 2013, when we still believed the open borders argument was just about cheap labor for super-national business. Big business has shown itself to be much more Corporate One-World than we knew then, Republican lawmakers as a class (with some notable exceptions) even more craven than we could have imagined then, and Democrats, with almost no exceptions, more totalitarian wannabe socialists then we ever thought they’d admit out loud.

The times have been changin’.

The only real constant in the past 70-80  years has been the general dreams and aspirations that lure people from the South here in the first place; work, better living conditions, and the ability to rise above the low station their native Spanish societies had condemned them into permanently. (Look up “peon” in Wiki. Anthropologists once considered them as a Western hemisphere cultural version of the European feudal serf.  And the American slave, They have their own “n” words down there, and the latino management class still looks upon them this way.)

They want to be their own boss. To be a “Senor”, a “Mister”. Many Latinos are genuinely entrepreneurial, and once they become fully acculturated in 2-3 generations, they become true Americans (ser Americano) of the first order.

This is why I prefer America recruiting from the bottom of the well rather than their more educated top, for they represent a very superiorist, class view of society which fits in with the political aspirations of both the upper business and legal class, taught in American universities as the desired form of national identity. (This is something else we didn’t know for sure in 2013, but do now.)

The original American way to wealth required a three-generation path of affluence, where it was the great grandkids who became the brats, who also supervised the downward spiral of the family name, prestige and wealth.

Pope Frank from Argentina reminds me of the original bargain between the Church and Spanish-Portuguese kings when they first conquered Paradise in the 1500s, and is perhaps why God left them out of the ground floor planning when the United States was formed in the latter quarter of the 18th Century.

They were never on the same page about human liberty. Still aren’t.

As you can tell, then, I’m simpatico to those kinds of dreams found at the bottom of the well. In the end, to be Americans, they turn out better.

But today it seems, from whatever station they began, they now come here politicized, as if they are owed something from us[…]

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