ICYMI, below is last night’s State of the Union 2019. First Lady Melania Trump enters the Hall at 18:14 of video and President Donald J. Trump makes his appearance at 24:25.

President Trump hit all of the right notes so much so that the CIA media complex, their comrades in government, pundits, fellow swamp critters and NeverTrumpers appears to have been thrown off guard.

We now know the REAL reason behind Nancy Pelosi’s urgency to block President Trump’s SOTU.  When he speaks directly to the people in such a forum, it works to his favor being that he reaches Americans directly. Therein lies the threat to propagandists, globalists and their fake news operatives.

Finally, while so many have mentioned Progressive Congresswomen all donning “white,” am I the only one who thinks “KKK” when looking at them? After all, the KKK is who and what the Democratic Party continues to be until this day.

Just a thought.