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Good afternoon, patriots.  There is plenty of news out there today.  At the top of the news cycle is Virginia’s Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam and while Progressives are making a big deal about a man, assumed to be Northam in Black face standing alongside someone else wearing a KKK uniform, there is much more at stake here.

Not to undermine the Black face or the Ku Klux Klan and the Northam connection which surfaced a few days ago, let the record show that Democrats could care less about that.  They are using the incident which occurred more than three days ago and apparently more than once to hear Northam tell it as a distraction tool.

Democrats who have always been pro-abortion ran up against a snag while pushing INFANTICIDE bills in state houses across the United States.  They’re trying like the dickens to make us forget the real elephant in the room.

The Dems also would like Americans not to make the connection between abortion, Black genocide, infanticide and the mainstreaming of infanticide which is why they’re trying like hell tp push the race card on Republicans and President Donald J. Trump.

Don’t allow it to happen.  Democrats own this.  Democrats own infanticide and must be taken to task for legalizing and attempting to legalize the slaughter of babies, born and unborn.

The sheet has been pulled back on the most evil of their nefarious deeds, it is up to we, the people to take them on  It cannot end there.  We must now allow this despicable attack on humanity to be swept back under the rug ever again.

Have you seen the ad that CBS blocked from Nine Line Apparel because the ad was not Progressive?  The ad is patriotic, pro-USA.  Shame on CBS.


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