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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

DesertPete4, and old friend from my years in the Balkans, and a 20-year veteran of eBay, feedback over 31,000 , has turned his entire inventory over for our benefit. Call it a bequest.

Books, many military histories, Militaria, many from communist bloc countries, including USSR, Balkans, Historica, Art portfolios. and all sorts of Soviet military training posters, including the famous RPG-7

even a Treaty Tapestry from 1877, ending the Russian-Ottoman War that gave Bulgaria its freedom

To scroll through all the offerings, approximately 300, just go to eBay.com or directly to this LINK.


Just click and pay.

All receipts go to our Veterans Teaching Program


Source: Vassar Bushmills, Garritrooper, Veterans’ Tales.