It has been a while since I posted my links here from Grumpy Opinions but since most of us are freezing, iced or snowed in at the moment and if like myself, you’re not in to Netflix, I’m taking advantage of the moment by sharing some goodies to read.

LINK OF THE DAY: Michelle Malkin’s The MAGA-phobic manure-spreaders of media sensationalism [UPDATED]; Smollett refuses to turn over phonewhich puts everything (pretty much) into perspective about an alleged attack in one of the most Progressive elitist Chicago neighborhoods by two guys wearing MAGA hats on a Black, gay actor by the name of Jussie Smollett. The incident, rather lack thereof continues to fall apart except as reported by the Deep State media complex.

But first, let’s hear what Bill O’Reilly has to say about the female Barack Obama, Black Hillary Clinton/Kirsten Gillibrand (yep, I went there) Kamala Harris. Just keeping it real….  Everyone on the left including Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Howard Schultz, Tom Steyer among others not mentioned here are a threat to the Republic.

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