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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

(A timely repeat of some film from the 40s and first shown in Apr, 2017)

“After Hitler” is a 2-part video documentary series about Europe in the five years immediately following World War II, 1945-1949. Each episode is roughly 43 minutes and was produced in 2016 but has the unmistakable feel of a 1940s news reel, although theatres rarely showed newsreels in color.

This is a MUST-SEE, for every generation since it will show you things no book you could read could convey

And especially, for everyone of any age who is watching Europe unravel today, for this offers some context as to why history always seems to repeat itself there.

I have a few words of commentary, below, but watch this first.

Part 1: 1945-47

Part 2: 1947-49

Take note, this is NOT an American production, and much of the film also is not American. It was originally produced in French language and pre-sold for distribution in several languages to Germany’s N24, Italy’s Rai, Norway’s NRK, Spain’s RTVE, Discovery Networks Europe, Quebec’s TV5, Blue Ant Television in English-speaking Canada and Al Arabiya in the Middle East. I saw it the other night through the Discovery Channel, but the above presentations here are without commercial interruption.

Having seen these videos I’m guessing they show a side of the Europeans most people can’t imagine. But with the “erection” of the Iron Curtain it came home to many first-and-second generation immigrants in America that the folks back in the old country were being sold a bill of goods by the new communist overlords and men in communist-controlled Italian, French and Spanish union halls. The peoples of the eastern bloc, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the Balkans, were especially susceptible to propaganda about how bad things were for working people in Amerika[…]

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