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On the border wall, a surprisingly uncharismatic Trump showed he loved America and Americans, while Democrats succeeded only in showing they despise Trump.

Having had some time to think about Trump’s address, as well as the official and unofficial rebuttals, I have a few thoughts, none particularly deep or meaningful. I therefore offer them for what they’re worth:

Trump spoke about the American people. He made it plain that he is working to benefit them, especially those in the front lines of dealing with the harm wrought by people who ought never to have been here in the first place.

Pelosi and Schumer spoke about Trump. Their hatred was manifest and should cause people to wonder whether their working for the good of Americans or simply to import voters, along with attendant drugs and violence.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke about garble-gooble fizwitz aliens blumpf Americans karpoffez deelywhop clum Marx shcniszzsle open borders. It continues to behoove us to take her seriously and to make sure that Americans understand that she represents the up-and-coming generation of young Democrats.

Trump did not say a single word about race. Nevertheless, he was instantly attacked for being racist. There is nothing racist about insisting that people who enter the country do so after knocking on the front door and asking for permission, rather than by leaping over the back fence, breaking through the kitchen window and, in some cases, poisoning the food, raping the women and children, and killing a family member or two. This is about behavior, not race[…]

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