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To those who haven’t figured it out yet, Facebook besides censoring what it has ordained to be hate speech is also at war with the truth.

Facebook’s latest volley against the truth is the censorship of anyone who reports that 32 year old, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, suspected murderer of Corporal Ronil Singh, law enforcement officer of the Newman Police Department, CA is an illegal alien.

The result of reporting such facts by Facebook is to label such reporting: Hate Speech, removal of the content and suspension.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Blue Lives Matter confirmed that Facebook is taking actions against Facebook accounts that call a cop-killer an illegal immigrant.

Corporal Ronil Singh was murdered within 100 miles of Facebook’s headquarters, but the company appears to be concerned about anybody pointing out that his killer was in the country illegally.

Corporal Singh’s murderer was a member of one of the violent Mexican gangs that have taken over parts of sanctuary LA, other areas of California, and other states.

A Sheriff’s Deputy posted this and it couldn’t be more factual:

After several hours, it was taken down by Facebook and the Deputy was suspended from Facebook for thirty days. What he said is not hate speech. It’s the truth.

This is the message he received:

Facebook user Dana Marie says that she didn’t even post a picture of the killer when she got flagged for “hate speech.” Dana posted images of Corporal Singh and his family, with the text: “This is officer Singh[…]

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2019 promises more of the same, especially since Facebook is bound to be further empowered by Progressives in the House hell bent on controlling the narrative.