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It is unfortunate that those with an agenda has made Christmas all about commercialism, profits, material desires while ignoring those in need and/or leaving those in need to the care of the government.

News alert:  The government doesn’t give a damn and any talk of suffering by poverty stricken and homeless Americans have become talking points pulled out every 2, 4 or 6 years to rack up votes.

Here in New York City, those very same bureaucrats have declared war against individuals and entities that, from their heart and on their own reach out to the homeless and poverty-stricken, the result of which leaves the unfortunate even worse off.

Please don’t ignore them this Christmas season.  Remember our veterans, many of whom are homeless and living beneath the poverty level.  Keep in mind that  a new television, Playstation 4, computer, toys or skis is not at all what Christmas is about.  

One solitary act of kindness and/or a moment of caring does not cost a dime.

The Hermit Chronicles

Editor’s note: This was first published back on Christmas Eve of 2009. The world was a dramatically different place back then. Accordingly, it has been nuanced over the years since its first publication. The message it intends to convey, however, is timeless.

No matter where you go or what you do, at this time of year, you cannot avoid the marketing and advertising “blitzkrieg” that has transformed the Christmas season into some horribly disfigured mutation of the original point of the holiday. Thanks in large part to the political correctness movement, and this idea that public displays of religion and faith… most especially Christian religion and faith… are now considered offensive to the smaller numbers of non-believers, and should be constrained wherever and whenever possible.

All the while, as this unwinnable cultural Civil War rages on, there are vast numbers of innocent bystanders out there around the world silently suffering through a sadness or anguish or heartbreak or loss that those cultural Civil warriors could scarcely comprehend let alone personally endure or overcome.

Each of us – from every faith and lack thereof – would be well-served by the reminder that, for some, the Christmas holiday season is not necessarily a happy or joyous time of year. It should inspire you to take pause, long enough to see beyond the gadgets and baubles and trinkets and consider the lives and circumstances of our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world. It should encourage you, as well, to be just a little more humble, a little more generous, and a whole lot more kind… not just to your friends, families, and loved ones, but to the nameless & unfamiliar faces of “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” that you encounter as you walk freely about the cabins of your everyday lives[…]

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