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President Donald J Trump breaks the Overton Window. See credits below**

See credits below**

I know I’ve been at this too damn long when little anklebiters like Cernovich get on my nerves on a Sunday morning. “I threw the largest Inauguration event of 2017. So if you’re new here, kindly shut the f-ck up and read a book before lecturing me about “the base” or 2020. I actively made stuff happen, and I don’t care about 2020, and that should concern people.”

So this guy who was nobody who jumped the Make America Great Again movement at the right time in history isn’t concerned with 2020. Curious has Mr. Cernovich ever walked a precinct? ever made calls for a candidate in his Democrat wasteland of California? Can Cernovich show he was a Precinct Committeeman? this is the hard in the trenches work of the movement of Republicans. Its not a twirl around the merry go round of movements. I said to Cernovich on that illustrious piece of crap known as twitter, what have you done for me lately? I come late to the GOP as my family were union members in Baltimore City, it was Democrats from birth to death well I beat that grim reaper (I’m sure I’ll be voting Democrat after I’m dead again). What I’ve learned in my now 17 years of being a Republican is that the work is hard, its slow and its both glorious and defeating. This country didn’t get this way overnight and one man and be clear Trump is an island is going to change it all back. It is the JOB of Republicans and curious citizens to the Republican Party to make that change.

2016 was a dream, it was the dream of change of putting a stop to the left. It did just that, it jerked them to a full stop within the government. You’ve watched them thrash about as they try to keep the Overton Window shifted left but Trump broke that window, millions more now know what so many of us already learned and you cannot go back to sleep[…]

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**Credits: Shattered Window – Pixabay/Photo of President Donald J. Trump by Gage Skidmore-Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)