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[Stage coach robbery]: Collecting toll by Ed Tangen (1911) Source: Library of Congress

Vassar Bushmills

They say it’s official, that Kyrsten Sinema is Arizona’s new senator-elect, in the US Senate until 2024.

Think about it.

In an election year when this election had all the smell and taste of a heist-in-the-making, as I’d been warning for several months, August thru last week, it only seemed natural to assume that Democratic Party skullduggery would be involved.

Florida was a no-brainer, since, even under GOP election control, the same old mobsters are still controlling voter-counting in Florida’s south side like Capone did the whiskey business in Chicago’s South Side.

But there’s also Georgia, Montana, Wisconsin, and even several shoulda-been-winners in Virginia are waking up to find anomalies in the vote count, some of only a few thousand votes, that might have kept their district red.

So the Mob connection is still my theory about Arizona.

But conservative friends in Arizona argue to the contrary. Rush Limbaugh theorizes that Sinema won because conservatives, whose candidate, Dr Kelli Ward, lost to the moderate Martha McSally in the primary, just decided to not vote the “Senate” part of the ballot, so that every other GOP statewide candidate recieved approximately 260,000 more votes than McSally, and enough to beat Sinema. I’m told that over 350,000 in Maricopa County alone, a Republican stronghold, vote for the GOP governor, but were silent on the Senate race.

Hard to believe, but yes, plausible. Vanity and teat-fittery the likely culprits. If true[…]

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