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Democrats, correction Communists (call them by that which they are)  has spent their capitol over the past two years doing all things anti-Trump, i.e., resisting and blocking the President’s agenda, brainwashing white folks to the point of self-loathing, levying false allegations of white privilege, racism, sexism.

Moreover, bureaucrats collaborated with deep state resistance leaders, the Communist media complex and regurgitated pre-scripted propaganda for the purpose of dismantling the American family, our borders, the rule of law and bill of rights.

Speaking of dismantling the rule of law, Project Veritas (PV) sent their people to several polls locations across the country in search of voter fraud, election tampering and interference. PV didn’t have to look hard before they found what they were looking for.

Election poll workers are not supposed to influence the vote but at one particular poll in OHIO, as you will see in the following video, one female poll worker, a Democrat acted as if she was doing a service for her preferred candidate, i.e., Sherrod Brown. She even offered up a pamphlet.


And then there’s TEXAS.  Allowing illegal aliens to vote? See:  Texas Poll Worker Says They Let “Tons” of Non-Citizens Vote.