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As we all know, the past two years has been about resistance by Democrats, correction Communists (call them by that which they are) from blocking the President’s agenda, brainwashing white folks to despise themselves, levying false allegations of white privilege, racism, sexism, following the lead from a biased media and taking a blowtorch to the rule of law.

Speaking of disdain for the rule of law, thank goodness for Project Veritas (PV) who sent their people in to several locations in search of voter fraud, election tampering, etc. Long story short, PV found what they were looking for.

Election poll workers are not supposed to influence the vote but at a poll in Georgia, there were those who didn’t think twice.

Georgia Electioneering: “Democrats has a better platform” Says Elections Off. in Undercover Video

I’m not sure if the poll worker in this video actually believes that Progressives have a platform or he’s lying.

And then there’s TEXAS.  Allowing illegal aliens to vote? See:  Texas Poll Worker Says They Let “Tons” of Non-Citizens Vote.