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Once again, as not reported by the Communist media complex.

Have you noticed that the caravan, correction invaders heading toward the U.S. – Mexico borders are majority male, fearlessly carrying their national flag, fearlessly calling out, “We’re coming Trump,” fearlessly and if not ignorantly coming off as if they are spoiling for a fight?

Do these illegal alien invaders realize that if they go there that they will be on the losing end of the battle?

Do these illegal alien invaders realize that if they go there that neither Nicolás Maduro or George Soros will come to their rescue.  Well, Soros maybe in the form of bail but it ends there.

Do these illegal alien invaders realize that they are not heroes but puppets aka collateral damage.

Apparently, after eight years of appeasement, apologies, anti-American rhetoric and the re-distribution of our nation’s wealth, South America has yet to come to grips that there is a new sheriff in town.

Even worse, they’ve been drinking too much kool-aid.

Pan Am Post by Orlando Avendaño (edited)

…They march through Central America demanding that various governments grant them concessions, in contradiction of their own immigration law. They trample on the rule of law, national sovereignty, and international borders.

A key editorial in the Wall Street Journal explains why you can not confuse this caravan, which left Honduras in a quite organized manner on October 13, with other migratory movements, such as the flight of Venezuelans from the criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro.

In the article entitled “The Caravan to Nowhere,” the editorial board argues: “When migration becomes a political weapon to foment chaos, leaders have no choice but to confront it and protect its national security. A prime example are the 4,000 or more Central Americans seeking to travel on foot through Mexico to the United States.”

“Waves of humanity, which march together, do not materialize spontaneously and neither has this ‘caravan.’ This march is organized and not necessarily for the benefit of migrants,” continues the editorial board.

Then, in the newspaper, a comparison is made with the so-called “Mariel Exodus” of 1980, when a mass movement of Cubans ended up becoming an offensive against the United States. Not only dissidents, but criminals and misfits sailed the Mary Evelyn to Key West, Florida[…]

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