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Saint Sebastian, circa 1470. Painting by Andrea Mantegna Source Wikimedia Commons

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Unified Patriots by Nessa

Winter’s Comin is drawing to a close.  The last few tomatoes are ripening on dead vines, the punkins are ripe, the potato vines are dead we’ll dig them before it freezes hard, that lets the skins toughen up so they store better.  By March they’ll be soft but still good.  Early goose season has started, pheasant and bow season as well.  Harvest is upon us and its been raining for the last week.  Roughly seven inches so far.  That makes the fields full of ripe soybeans a greasy mess not to mention the parts that are under water.  It’s hard on equipment and personnel.  The Democrat’s Propaganda Ministry will give you a thousand reasons why it globull warmening and not just bad, but oft experienced, luck.  They’re full of shit.

I changed the feature image this week.  It shouldn’t take too much imagination to see the allegory.  St Sebastian shot thru with arrows and Judge Kavanaugh, shot thru with unsubstantiated allegations, poorly recalled by drunken sluts with time to spare for the proper delegation of blame.  It only took 30 years to properly assign it.  “I can’t remember shit else, but it was him!  #MeToo!  They make Tawana Brawley look like a historian!  Children lie like these two drunken ho-bags.

You go to hell for lyin’ same as stealin’.

Apparently Mitch McConnell can see the writing on the wall.  “If his Senate can’t deliver a SCOTUS Justice why bother going to the polls?[…]

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**Image: Above image cropped – Original painting, Saint Sebastian, circa 1470 by Andrea Mantegna Source: Wikimedia Commons.