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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

When Logic is the Only Evidence, it is Outcome Determinative

1) As we know, even prostitutes can be sexually assaulted. This occurs when they did not invite being touched, or the other person did not proffer payment as promised.

The only exemption from that rule is their pimp, who, by the rules established by the club which she joined, can beat hell out of her or rape her at his pleasure. Or even sell her to the Albanians.

But these are all according to rules of the underworld, not established law.

In every other case, if a mere “john” (prospective client) assaults them, they will kick and scream “Rape!” until they are beaten to a pulp or police come. And once the police arrive, regardless of the color of her hair, the scoop of her neckline, or the paint on her face, the crime will be determined solely by the cuts and bruises, torn clothes, and bodily fluids gathered by medical examiners.


Police may never catch the guy, and the pimps might, each with their own rules of judicial process. But if the cops ever do, he will be convicted and punished.

That the assault began as a business deal gone bad will never even come up in a court room, if bodily injury or invasion is involved.

2) As we also know, even sluts, also known as “easy women”, can be raped.

Again, certain rules apply so that society can protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Sluts sleep around only within their class. Their territory. Again, if some boy from the Village should try to touch some Buttercup from the High Castle in any offensive way, she will cry bloody murder…and not even wait until next Wednesday to report it, much less years.

But she will almost never come into social contact with a boy from the Village on his turf. Girls from the High Castle do not mix socially with boys from the Village any more than they do Portuguese wharf rats. So the chances of them ever coming into contact with one another in the first place is slim and none[…]

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