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The Great Flood by Bonaventura Peeters the Elder (Reproduction) Date: First Half of 17th Century Source: Wikimedia

Vassar Bushmills

Apres les honneurs, Regardez le Deluge

Now that he has gone to be with his fathers, Hoka Hey!, the honoring will slowly dissipate over the week. The Senate Office Building, soon be renamed, some suggest, and other government offices will be cleared, each employee given a white ticket to be stamped at the Capitol Rotunda to prove they actually did use that hour for official government business, while another man with a clicker will click their passing by to prove thousands really did pour by to view his flag-draped coffin.

But once the honors have been paid, look for the Deluge. Maybe very soon. Events will dictate the speed.

But we will soon learn that Dick Durbin, Democrat senator from Illinois, did not admire him more than his real friend, Lindsay Graham. Old wounds will quickly appear, back to the Forrestal by some (not enough there for my tastes), Hanoi Hilton (nor there), but the Keating-Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal, plenty, for it proved in all things he was corruptible, long before he was bi-partisan, and used to getting his way and getting away with it, thus making the earlier claims from Vietnam at least more plausible.

If you believe in developing “theories of the Man” that would be a reasonable theory of the man going forward[…]

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