If you are one of the many fleshing their way through the fog and distraction, the following tweet might help.  Better yet, share it with the Progressive in your family or living next door.

Go ahead. Ruin their day.

Keeping the family of young Mollie Tibbetts in our prayers today.  Such a young, beautiful life snuffed out.  Young Mollie, her family, friends and loved ones did not deserve this.

All the more reason to right the wrongs, build that wall.

Calling out Elizabeth Warren who is now OFFICIALLY on record for declaring the value of the lives of illegal immigrants over the lives of innocent Americans murdered by illegal alien thugs. Consider this video bookmarked for use at a later date; namely, 2020.

Communism is evil.  These people have no heart.

And now on to what’s happening over at Grumpy Opinions this week?



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