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Derivative [Orig. Image by Thomas Hawk-Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)]

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

It was this way once and it may have to be again.

This is Walter Huston, “Beast of the City”, a 1932 gangland film, one of the early talkies, pre-censorship, and probably a scene which never really occurred in the real cops vs gang wars of those days.

But it was clearly a theme the people of America wholly endorsed.

Let it sink in.


(Oh, that platinum blonde that was shot peeping over the rails was Jean Harlow, for those of you who don’t know.)

There were no-go zones then, too. There have always been no-go zones, almost everywhere.

When I worked for a brief while for the State of Montana and was sent to Missoula to visit a strip mine, I spent the night but was advised “Don’t go to Minnesota Street”. It was as if the city fathers had zoned Minnesota Street as Missoula’s “rowdy town”.

I later came to find out, after a few years in Arizona and wandering throughout the West that almost every western town had a no-go street, ever since the Earps were in Tombstone; honkytonk bars with brawling, gambling, fast women, and probably, since it was 1971, a fair smattering of drugs and other illicit transactions. I’m certain I could fence most any stolen item through a choice of contacts on Minnesota Street.

It wasn’t a certainty that you’d be mugged, but in all no-go zones, if you’re from out of the zone, certain rules apply.

And Minnesota Street’s rules were more or less guaranteed by the business proprietors there, just as the rest of Missoula had its own. A sort of truce existed. And as long as the dealers and rowdies didn’t try to expand their territory, and the Ladies Church League was content, the heavy hand of the law never encroached until someone was killed or seriously wounded.

I’ve been all over the world, in great cities, but was never afraid to walk the streets, except in Mexico. No one went down dark alleys. Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Sofia, Kharkov (Ukraine), Moscow, Gorkiy, they all had no-go zones, only I never tested them after dark. And I walked everywhere.

So it came as no surprise to me to learn that French and Belgian cities, and now Scandinavian cities, have no-go zones, for these are the places where sharia is the ruling law. How the French dealt with “Muslim” acts that were 100% contrary to their western values, such as murder, rape, child marriage, I can’t speak to, but “no-go zone” standing alone didn’t offend me.

But think of Harlem, in New York, who wanted and needed white business. Places such as the Apollo Theater needed the white after-hours crowd to come “slumming” from at the 1920’s on. Like Missoula, the businesses there kept the thugs at bay[…]

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