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The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton on Sunday night during his “Swamp Watch” segment exposed the corruption and dirty dealings of former FBI directors and long-time bff’s James Comey and special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

Hilton went from Lockheed Martin to Booz Allen Hamilton to Bridgewater Associates.  One of the most interesting parts of the segment was Robert Mueller’s connection to Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Allow me to back track four months when during an interview, Tim Cook, who allegedly prides himself on Apple’s “strong stance” when it comes to protecting the privacy and data of its customers stated the following:

“We care about the user experience. And we’re not going to traffic in your personal life. I think it’s an invasion of privacy … Privacy to us is a human right.  It’s a civil liberty … [I]n something that is unique to America, you know, this is like freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and privacy is right up there for us….”

Of course, this is no newfound revelation on the part of Cook.   Just  two years earlier, Apple refused to comply with a California judge’s order to unlock an I-phone belonging to one of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists by granting the FBI backdoor access to the device.

In an open letter to Apple customer’s posted on to its website, Cook wrote:

The US government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create,” Cook wrote in an open letter posted on Apple’s website. “They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.

A few months later, the FBI aided by an “unnamed group” found a way to unlock the device.  Not passing the smell test? James Comey was the FBI Director at the time.

Yet when special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, asked former client, Apple (Tim Cook) for access to Paul Manafort’s data, Tim Cook without a second thought granted his former attorney, i.e., Mueller access to Manafort’s  iCloud account. So much for the sanctity and privacy of Apple’s customers.

And, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to former FBI Directors, James Comey and pal, Robert Mueller.  Below is the segment in its entirety.

Fox News – The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

Aug. 12, 2018 – 7:03 – Mueller and Comey are model public servants, we’re told.