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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I read enough to know that most people believe the Democrat Party acts like a criminal gang, but still won’t draw an image in their minds as to just how a criminal gang works.

I’m going to give you some leads here, and then, no matter where you live, red-blue, urban-suburban-rural, I suggest you sit down with other friends and begin to war-game just exactly what the criminal wing of the Democrat Party might try to do to steal or suppress votes in your area in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Forget media advertising, that’s mostly background noise; an artillery barrage before the ground assault. It rarely determines the outcome of an election. Donald Trump proved all the media money in the world can’t help if they don’t have a powerful message.

Your county could be 90% blue, or 90% red, no matter, there are people there who are paid to steal 5, 500, or 5000 votes in any way they can. What should matter to you most is they are not volunteers. They are paid and everyone has some sort of quota to meet; like a traffic cop.

All I can try to do here is to get you to adopt the proper frame of mind about this Mob. You have to think like a mobster…a small-time mobster, working at the front end, like Vinnie and Augie, whose primary job back in the Chicago protection rackets days, was to go into small businesses up and down the street, and squeeze the shop-owner for the Mob’s end of their monthly revenue.

Democrats squeeze a lot more than you know.

Trust me, they’re there. Only you will likely never know who they are by name.

What I want you to do is learn to think like them, so you can know how their system works, who answers to who. just so you can picture in your mind an accurate situation analysis, as they see it.

Every great general knew what his opposing general knew about his own assets, especially his limitations, and then used his troops to go after those vital weaknesses. Democrats are very knowledgeable about Republican’s weaknesses, especially the things we won’t do; fight dirty, kick a man when he’s down, Marquis of Queensbury sorts of things.

Knowing matters.

Just try to think like a mobster in the 20’s, who were almost all first generation immigrants. They stated out as gangs but ended up as vertical criminal enterprises, by a simple Darwin formula of survival of the fittest[…]

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