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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

So when they say “the FBI, or DOJ or CIA said this, or did that” – your first thought should be, “Which one?” Especially if it’s the media telling you these things.

Also, never forget that is has been this way since at least JFK.

In 1998, a man asked me to help write a book directed at the very people who are now taking back the country, one piece of government at a time. I complained to him that he was asking me to write a book for people “who don’t read.” He said, “Yep.” He died in 2006, and I’ve been trying to write that book, one chapter at a time, ever since.

The Deep State

A little history: For all I know elements of the deep state have been around since Wilson. Those are the career bureaucrats who will move mountains to do things their way, and always protect their jobs, and grow their numbers when the opportunity arises. That’s just part of the human condition, and yes, the Founders understood this. It’s as in a bureaucracy’s DNA to want to do this as it is a deer’s need to rut every autumn.

If governments through the ages have had a fixed star, it would begin with their Bureaucracy.

In the debates over how the new Constitution of 1787 should look, one constant both Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans seemed to agree was that the size and power of government should depend entirely on the people’s control of the men who both could increase the size and mission of government, and also raise the money to pay for it.

Despite their animosity towards one another, the Federalists and Republicans were of one mind about keeping the federal government very lean. The idea that the federal government should want to grow did not begin until the formation of the Democratic Party and Andrew Jackson, 1824-28, when the spoils system was first introduced…after all the lions had passed away.

But they finally got an income tax in 1913 (16th Amendment), (count the years, by generations, 126 and 4) which, while very, very small, its fine print enabled Congress to increase it almost at will, and then, 19 years later, 1932, with the Great Depression, and the next generation of Progressives called in to fix it, (FDR and the New Deal), the government grew like mushrooms in a rain forest. Many of those programs survived well into the 60’s, until LBJ could replace them with a new set of programs, The Great Society, which haunts us still[…]

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