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In yet another anti-Trump dog and pony show, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid waste to questions and allegations levied against President Donald J. Trump from NeverTrumpers, Progressives, deep state clowns aka profiteers of war during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Although officially entitled, “Full Committee Hearing An Update on American Diplomacy to Advance our National Security Strategy,” advancing our national security strategy had nothing to do with it.

The sole objective of Wednesday’s hearing was political as members of the committed sought to attack the President’s agenda, i.e., last week’s Trump/Putin Summit, levy false allegations of appeasement and collusion by the President with Vladimir Putin while securing audio and video clips to be spliced, re-branded, re-run and spun by the Communist media complex and global elites in both parties, all of whom are colluding to discredit and take down the President.

Deep state goons employed by the Communist media complex will huff, puff and blow hot air in response to pre-scripted questions.

War mongers/swamp critters (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) will do the talk show scene, espouse meaningless propaganda and fund-raise off selectively edited video footage and audio throughout the 2018 mid-term elections and 2020 presidential election season.

Of course, none will include Pompeo’s fiery responses calling out and politely discrediting the rhetoric and grandstanding.  The Secretary of State laid waste to those very same politicians who have the nerve to place themselves on a higher ground than not just the President but the rest of the country.

Progressives made fools of themselves and Republicans made no effort to call out the tomfoolery of Progressive hooligans.

Case in point, Senator Bob Corker who cannot leave the U. S. Senate soon enough for my tastes but something tells me that when he does, it will not be the last that we see or hear of this schmuck.  Corker’s strategy is to ignore the fact that he is a Republican (on paper anyway) and blame Trump. “It’s the President…It’s the President…It’s the President…”

Corey Booker, corrupt as hell and one who speaks only to hear himself speak.  Booker is gearing up for a 2020 presidential run. (SIDEBAR: Midway through the video in the mids of the lecture, notice one of Booker’s adoring fans, a young female wearing black. While I am suggesting nothing, the metoo movement, for some reason, comes to mind.)

Then there is another hooligan, that Robert Menendez, who wants the transcriber’s notes subpoenaed.  Menendez was sanctioned two months ago for violating congressional rules by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.  The swamp rat is alleged to have “knowingly and repeatedly” accepting impermissible gifts over a six-year period and must repay their fair market value.” [See: U. S. Senate Select Comittee on Ethics, Public Letter of Admonition, to Menendez dated April 26, 2018 here in pdf format.)

Below is the hearing in its entirety, you might want to grab some popcorn or chips and dip before hitting play. Secretary of State, Pompeo is having none of it.