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Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:What’s The Best Response To Leftist Assaults on Their Political Opponents?

Scott Kirwan: Interesting question. My first instinct is to punch back twice as hard but considering how hysterical the Left is getting I’m thinking another course of action might be called for:


I never thought the Left would become more unhinged than it was in the lead-up to the Iraq War, but Trump has pushed them passed that point years ago. I’d be embarrassed to be a Democrat today. The party has lost its collective mind, and I find that hilarious. And now they are trotting out a 20-something as their standard-bearer, a girl who wasn’t around for Communism the first time but who just knows it’s sooo cool. Yeah, that Brezhnev – what a fashionista.

That said if we are going to laugh at them, we should do so while heading to the polls this Fall. Normally I don’t vote in non-presidential elections but I’ll be doing so this year.

Don Surber: Vote.

Rob Miller: By all means, vote…unless you’ve had your votes made meaningless because you live in a blue run state and your neighborhood has been gerrymandered to be safe Democrat no matter what. I think more is called for.

Two things I haven’t seen discussed too much, certainly not by the usual suspects in the media. Almost all of these incidents have two things in common. First, they all occur in blue run jurisdictions, where the police, who take their orders from the local politicians can be told not to interfere. Second, they mostly involve mobs descending on smaller groups or even single individuals.

They’re not only totalitarian barbarians but cowards. What’s called for is what I refer to as puppy training. That means consequences for misbehavior.

Once the president gets rid of Jeff Sessions and gets a real attorney general, there are a lot of corrections to be had. You’ll notice that a bunch of ‘resistance’ punks in Portland, Oregon surrounded and blockaded an ICE office and the mayor and the police did nothing…and then, all of a sudden, after a day or so of this, the police moved in, cleared away the ‘demonstrators’ and arrested some of them. Perhaps someone at the White House called the Mayor and mentioned that impeding federal officers from carrying out their duties s a felony, and so is impeding a federal office from carrying out their normal business. And so is aiding and abetting.

Former president Barack Hussein Obama got away with weaponizing federal agencies like the IRS to go after those he considered his political opponents. Things like that can also work both ways if necessary.So can lawfare. And Dick Tuck style pranks. These people have no sense of humor and get literally hysterical when they’re mocked.

And on some occasions, simply standing up to these people can bear fruit,when the odds are right. It’s time the Left learned that there’s a price to pay for their antics.

Laura Rambeau Lee:The proper response seems to be just keep calm, keep speaking the truth whenever and wherever we can, grab some popcorn and watch it play out. Follow the growing #WalkAway Campaign founded by former liberal Brandon Straka. People from all “identity groups” are waking up to the lies they have been told by liberals and the Democrat Party and are walking away. Their testimonials on Facebook are powerful and enlightening to read.

And I agree with Don. We have to vote and get others to vote. That’s how we win!

Well, there it is!

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