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About a week ago, the Progressive leadership in the U. S. Senate sent a letter to  President Donald J. Trump regarding the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore outlining a list demands.

Mind you, most of the Progressives who signed on to the letter, made no such demands of Barack Obama during the so-called negotiation of JCPOA.

The same self-absorbed bureaucrats who screwed up America’s foreign policy and colluded against the country’s interests with their backdoor deals are making demands.

Bad news for an out of touch Progressive leadership.  Fifteen House Democrats on Monday just before the summit sent a letter to the President supporting his endeavor.

Crazy right?  I know, I thought that I was reading it wrong and leading the march was Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA).

Khanna and 14 other Progressives informed the President of their support. Of course, they had suggestions as well but they were respectful about it. Some of the names of House members who signed on will shock you but I think that it had much to do with their body of constituents. Moreover, those who signed on to the letter have no love for the President. They are the resistance which leads me to believe that the only ones these despise more than the President is Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Signing on to the letter was:

Reps. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Barbara Lee (CA), Mark Pocan (WI), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Tulsi Gabbard (HI), Bobby Rush (IL), Zoe Lofgren (CA), Madeleine Bordallo (GUAM), Colleen Hanabusa (HI), Mark DeSaulnier (CA), Richard Nolan (MN), Karen Bass (CA), Jared Huffman (CA), and Jamie Raskin (MD).

Breitbart News

They said some positive steps they would endorse, combined with commensurate actions by North Korea, include:

— pledges or agreements to formally end the 68-year war,
— ending the practice of U.S.-ROK “decapitation” military exercises,
— support for important cooperative efforts such as vital humanitarian assistance; parliamentarian dialogue and exchanges; reunions between Koreans and Korean American families; and the repatriation of US servicemember remains.

“Such steps, combined with commensurate actions by North Korea, could help facilitate the phased denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” they wrote.

They also warned that in the event of a collapse in talks, they would oppose any effort to wage war against North Korea, except in response to a sudden attack[…]

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Of course, Progressives would not support military action if need be against North Korea, the cowards.  With that on the record, Progressives are fooling no one.  This is about politics, lasting through the 2018 mid-terms and the POLLS.

As pointed out by Real Clear Politics, more than 70% of Americans supported the Trump-Kim Summit meaning the Communist media complex and their resistance partners in bureaucracy and out are not in line with the rest of the nation.

Translation: The propaganda is falling on deaf ears.

Rather than attack President Trump and Conservatives, Progressives would do well to look within. They’re at war with each other over the future of their own party. Cruel to say but I hope that they demolish each other.

A few hours ago, Congressman Khanna, in a discussion on Democracy Now called out Progressives’ double standard surrounding the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore.