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Wake up, California, it is time for Maxine Waters to go.

Waters hasn’t had a platform to run on for decades and her “EMPEACH FO-TEE FIVE” rhetoric is obviously not cutting it judging from the 10 millennials who showed up to her tweet-a-thon.

The American Mirror by Kyle Olson

Maxine Waters likes to say millennials love her, but if her own campaign event is any indication, that might be more rhetoric than reality.

79-year-old “Auntie Maxine” held a Meet & Greet Tweet-A-Thon on Sunday for two hours, and while it’s hard to know what she hoped the outcome would be, but the turnout seemed to be underwhelming…

But a video posted of the event by Waters’ campaign shows only a handful of millennials actually attended.

…Waters used the event to allow attendees to gripe about what they think is wrong with America.

“When you come here you always have an open mic, you can say whatever you want to say,” Waters said[…]

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Waters is, as we all know, UNHINGED.  Now is the perfect time to send this corrupt race baiting poverty pimp packing.  Make it happen! Voter Maxine Waters out!