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Progressives have for as long as anyone can remember ran circles around and bullied Republicans without being held to account. So regardless of the so-called talking points and complaints by Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and LeBron James, it is obvious that Progressives believed that they’d be able to pull of the usual tactics and that the President would take it as Republicans always do.


Have they learned anything?  President Donald J. Trump is not going to take crap from privileged race-baiting athletes with a nefarious agenda.



The stars of the NBA Finals on both teams banded together on Tuesday against President Donald Trump, as LeBron James, Steve Kerr, and Stephen Curry all made it clear that their teams will not be visiting the White House, regardless of who wins.

“I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyway,” said James, the Cleveland Cavaliers star, while speaking during an NBA Finals presser. “It won’t be Golden State or Cleveland going.”

Kerr, the Golden State Warriors head coach, said he wasn’t surprised by Trump’s attacks against the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles after the team opted to not visit the White House, promoting the president to dis-invite them[…]

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Spin nothing but spin by a bunch of elitists with a massive sense of entitlement and a case of Trump derangement syndrome.

As far as complaints from Progressives that the White House is the people’s house, yes it is; and for the eight years that Barack Obama besmirched the office of Commander-in-Chief, these elitist privileged Marxist buffoons had the run of the place.

At the same time, for nearly half of those years, the People’s House were closed to most Americans and let’s not forget that it was Barack Obama who locked our veterans, their families, school children and other Americans out of the War Memorials.

Where was Kerr, Curry and LeBron when the People’s House and War Memorials were closed to non-elites, non-Progressives?

Not one of these social justice warriors bitching about the President dis-inviting fellow elitist buffoons give a damn.  This is about spinning more anti-Trump propaganda.  They’re pissed off because the President won’t kiss their rings.  To hell with them, the American people won’t kiss their rings either.