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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Stormy Daniels brings to mind the ancient and universal definition of “wench”, a woman of low repute one would not like to be seen with in public.

Politics aside, she’s made public a side of life few Americans, unless born on the wrong side of the tracks know very little about. Still, it seems every American soldier, as far back as the Civil War, when the term “camp follower” became synonymous with off-duty recreation for soldiers, and were a fixture outside the gates of every American military post since Pershing, had knowledge denied to the rest of the American population.

It was also known as “wenching”, a very pedestrian sport among the world’s lower classes since feudal times, a sport even the buck private could save up for at least one Friday night a month at Ft Benning, Georgia in 1941.

Upper class men and the nobility did not “go chasing women”, having their own version of the sport, at least since Henry II of England in the 12th Century. Royals created their own set of rules designed entirely to keep up appearances.


In 1974 it was my good fortune to be part of an advance team sent to Korea by our three-star general, to survey the brothels around Oijongbo near the DMZ. Yep, The bars. The cook’s tour, as the guests of the Korean Business Women’s Assn and several House Madams[…]

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