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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

(Just a friendly reminder. This is an enduring theme at VeteransTales.org, one of the pillars of why we opened that site. Veterans play a key role in saving America because they all have wagered so much more skin in the game than other Americans. Veterans as a group, for as far back as the Korean War, were never made aware of just how important they are to America’s survival off the battle field. It’s all about that skin in the game; the delayed life’s-plans, the sweat, the scars that heal and those that can’t, for some, the last full measure, not to mention those who serve by waiting at home.

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Defeating the Left is political, saving America isn’t.

The way the Soviet Empire collapsed is all the proof we need…that the Left can never win in the end, because it is destined, as a creature of its own design, to implode in on top of itself. As a law of Nature, the Globalists, the Fascists, the Marxists, call them what you like since they are a little bit of each, cannot design a system that can sustain itself for more than three generations. (Moving into their 70th year, I think the Chinese Communists even know this.)

The “best” days the Soviets ever had, as masters, were when they were brutalizing their people so much the people had to just try to stay alive every waking moment, and could find no extra time to resist their oppressors. In Stalin’s day hating the Soviets was reserved for the intellectuals rotting away in the gulag. As long as finding a scrap of bread was Job One, people had no time to hate and conspire. That has been a cornerstone of tyranny since the pharaohs.

It was when the Soviet production system was finally brought on-line, and that thick layer of apparatchiks was inserted between the people and the bosses was put into place, and things began to get built; factories, dams, collectives, did the Soviet system begin its slow death spiral. It took 75 years to spin out of control, from Revolution to collapse, but it only took 20 for the die to be cast, when everyone learned their place, 10-20-70, and that it would never change.

At its best the Soviet system could never produce at better then 30% efficiency of their Plan, one 5-Year Plan after another, even after they’d stolen all sorts of technologies from the West. Stalin called it “wrecking” and wrecking it was, only he had to invent straw-men to blame, since he possessed the same blindness to the perfectness of his plans as the modern Left is today. He never understood they were fighting Nature itself[…]

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