Hillary Clinton is a bitter woman. Every other day, Crooked is blaming someone else for her own failings.

The latest is accusing women of being “sexists.”  Yes, sexists.  Apparently, that is the new Progressive blame game.  Blacks who refuse to plant themselves on the Progressive plantation are not Black and women who didn’t vote for Crooked are sexists.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Hillary Clinton is in New Zealand undermining President Trump and complaining about all the people who cost her the election in 2016. High on her hit list, next to Jim Comey and the Russians, were sexist American women. She specifically said it’s true — at least in the U.S. — that women are sexist.

It seems Mrs. Clinton went over to New Zealand to meet with the new female Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She had nothing nice to say about our President because trashing Trump is more important than country to Mrs. Clinton.

They “hit it off”, according to the Herald, referencing the failed presidential candidate and the successful PM of New Zealand. Their meeting started off with a breakfast yesterday. That was followed by a dinner later in the evening. After mocking the President in the morning, Mrs. Clinton shared her thoughts once again with a broader public. She demeaned so-called sexist American women and President Trump in a foreign country.

Hillary told the wildly supportive audience why she lost, condemning the “first reality TV candidate in our history”, adding “what happened is as much about the future as the past.”

Her time after the loss, she said, was spent with family and friends and reading mystery novels which she likes because “the bad guy usually gets it in the end”[…]

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Wow, Crooked didn’t travel around this much when she was running for president.