Below is an introduction to Tabitha Korol ‘s new book, Confronting The Deception: Inflamed by 9/11, fired up by eight bad years., available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Disclosure: Korol is a contributor here at Grumpy Opinions. 

To those familiar with her essays and others not so much, Korol brilliantly dissects and exposes the threats within America’s borders such as Common Core, the Islamization of America and cultural marxist indoctrination in our educational institutions. 

Confronting The Deception: Inflamed by 9/11, fired up by eight bad years.

          Since 9/11, the United States, Israel, and cultures that still value our freedoms have been fighting a battle of survival on several fronts.  The ideology born out of the Islamic attempt to claim Ground Zero as its caliphate is still being fueled by the Shadow Government.  The seriously deceptive media hides the truths about Islam’s invasion into other countries and our own, concealing the consequent tectonic changes in the intruded societies, with the result that America’s needs for urgent analysis and discussion are suppressed.

          Academia, from kindergarten to university, is disinviting valuable speakers, and turning patriots into globalists. Curricula, textbooks and teaching methods are being changed, inspiration quenched, and competition discouraged by an equalizing grading system, engineering the children’s psyche to produce a compliant, nonproductive generation.

          “Confronting the Deception” challenges the insidious propaganda with arguments supported by irrefutable facts. Korol exposes the gravity of the threats we face with copious links to Koranic quotes, historic accounts, and trustworthy documentation not available in any other single source, and reveals the mentality that creates the jihadi terrorist, in order to help the reader to navigate the distortions that are peddled as truths.

          Deception is the modus operandi of Islam and the Left.  We are being indoctrinated to disrespect and dislike America, to devalue our freedoms, and to cast aside the advancements we’ve made since our founding. The “Eight Years” have brought us an increase in divisiveness, intolerance, street violence, rapes, honor killings and FGM, combined with a drip-feed of false narratives to direct the thinking of the gullible.  This book is an attempt to redress our endangered world by Confronting the Deception.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.