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The conspiracy theorist side of me which has proven right on most occasions the past eight years as not being a conspiracy at all has been on alert since the alleged Syria chemical weapons attack occurred a few weeks back by Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

Aware that the so-called moderate rebels of today in Syria and the so-called moderate Syrian rebels funded and provided weapons by Barack Obama are one and the same, allegations made by these jihadists are not credible.

Of course, that goes to say that the credibility of any information provided by these “moderate rebels” correction jihadists today to the Trump administration are also lacking.

Adding to all of the above, I am also not buying the “Russia and Syrian government is blocking access to chemical weapons investigators” or that “Russia and Syria attempted to sanitize” the sites of these alleged attacks storyline as is being reported by the same global media complex pushing the Russian/Trump collusion, fake dossier and Stormy Daniels narratives.

Then there are the videos beginning with the use of asthma inhalers given to those who are supposed victims of the chemical weapons attack.  Asthma inhalants??? And so the narrative begins to crumble.

Ron Paul Institute by Daniel McAdams

You would have to have cabbage for brains to accept the UK and US government version of what happened in Douma, Syria, just over a week ago, says Liberty Report special guest, former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford. Assad was on the verge of re-taking Eastern Ghouta, a deal was made with terrorists to leave the region, and one of the last strongholds was about to fall. We are to believe all of a sudden Assad chose that time to “gas his own people”? And all the evidence they can point to is that a government helicopter was dropping bombs in the area. It was a battle – bombs were being launched by both sides. What happens next as the official narrative of what happens continues to collapse? Tune in to a very special episode:

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Business as usual, we are being lied to and President Trump is being lied to.

False flag operation?

Fake news?

How dare we not accept the narrative?

Who is playing whom?