Newsboys Fighting for a Favorite Corner*

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

A lamentation

As you know, I’ve always been a big believer in the curative effect of the bloody nose, especially since, despite all my mother’s efforts to have me learn the path of the straight-and-narrow in Sunday School and church, I learned several of the most important lessons of my life in the school of hard knocks, beginning with “Ya ought not lie”, which I learned at the end of a bigger kid’s fist when I was 12. You see, I had lied. That story’s become something of a classic because it teaches a great lesson about the virtue of the bloody nose in an era when a simple bloody nose has been elevated to near-felony status, possibly leaving a catastrophic vacuum in our culture by its absence.

Interestingly, in 1991 “Boyz in the Hood” chronicled the progression from fist fights by young kids, where honor and right and wrong were the issue, to the escalation of guns and knives a few years later Interestingly, as those kids grew older. I never saw the film, but my son, a recent college graduate, explained the gist as he saw it, as a father trying to teach his son where virtue might be found with the fist, because you know when to stop, but is no longer visible once you escalate it. Especially if you are not mature enough to know the value of the lesson.

Adding this dimension has caused me to rethink the curative effects of the bloody nose, for in social structures gone mad, as when the Democrats first starting building the ghettos in the 60s, it’s been staring us in the face that in those mini-societies, a bloody nose can lead to guns and knives in no time at all.

We also know it is not an easy task to undo, which is why most Republicans washed their hands in it years ago. Only we didn’t know, for they continue to talk the talk.


In this vein, our li’l friend, David Hogg and his classmate Emma Gonzalez have added a whole new dimension to his notion that a bloody nose is virtuous, for in many respects they too are occupant-victims of a contrived, manufactured social structure that has become increasingly dangerous, even explosive, which interesting enough, has been created and managed by the same leftwing intellects that gave us the Slums of Baltimore.

I need to rethink Li’l David, as well as the notion of bullying[…]

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*Image:  Newsboys Fighting for a Favorite Corner-New York Tribute Illustrated Supplement -April 17, 1904 Page 5, Image 35 Source: Library of Congress