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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’ve always known there were a few cultists out there.

Actually, I’m a cultist too, only not about Donald Trump. Talk about the Constitution, and the purposes of the Founders? Then I’m a cultist, which is why I have cut my Conservatism Fan Club list in half.

A couple of days ago Donald Trump signed a horrible omnibus spending bill which, on its face, purported to give the Democrats everything they’ve been holding out for while denying the American voters almost everything they’ve been asking and expecting from candidate Trump, save a giant increase in military spending for much needed big-ticket items such as aircraft and weaponry.

And adding to the sobriety of the occasion, Trump was hardly happy-go-lucky in explaining this decision. I recall a Baptist preacher called in to speak over a man who never darkened the doorway of a church, going around to family members and friends trying to find something nice to say about the fellow. Trump was almost funeary in the way he also tried to paint a hopeful picture on this bill. Something that “had to be done” he explained.

I think everyone was shocked Trump went ahead and signed such a bad bill, but trying to understand his true meaning, and explaining it to his jilted Cult Clatch is not the same.

Twitter was filled with cries of “Quisling sell-out”, “double crosser”, “I’m outta here”, “No hope, no how”, making Ann Coulter seem like an optimist by comparison. We’ve all seen this kind of star-worship on Twitter, as if Donald Trump were their own personal saint. I can’t know their age, or sex (if they have an androgynous handle), but on Twitter a majority seem young, where star-gazing isn’t all that far fetched. But on Limbaugh some people called in who clearly were over 50, at least. And they sounded even more fatalistic, without the pain of Cupid’s arrow being jerked out of their hearts.

Sober, clear headed resignation.

A few observations.

Donald Trump was never Frankie Avalon, Elvis, or the Beatles, who only sang songs so we would buy them. With Donald Trump, the reverse is true. The American people wrote the music, actually the entire score, of Make America Great Again. We defined him. He did not mold, shape or define us. It has always been the other way around.  And our war began almost a decade ago, for some, over a generation[…]

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