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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’ll keep this short.

It’s axiomatic that the American Left, and therefore, also the Democrat Party, NEVER does anything spontaneously.

For those of you new to political optics, you got a taste of this with the aftermath of the Parkland Florida school shooting. Certain teenage “survivors” were prompted to step forward into the spotlight within 24 hours, their lines already practiced, deliver-ready.

Just 24 hours after the shooting, Rush Limbaugh, of all people, remarked about how composed and adult-like the students were, when they were only canned.

Thanks to the ineptitude of CNN and the hamfisted way they handled their “town hall”, with a couple of students letting the cat out of the bag that they had been fed the questions and answers by CNN before the event, the public got to come away understanding who all the players are, and the interactive roles they have with one another: from 1) the front-line gullible, useful idiots, in this case high school kids, but in others, their teachers, to 2) the cynical enablers (for many years now, the media) to 3) the dark leftwing strategists and 4) deep pocket financiers.

You can make your own scorecard at home.

That has been the general scheme of recruitment and operations for the Left since the 1800s, and it amazes me that so many of our honorable political class don’t know who these people really are, and look at them in entirely different, and more dangerously innocent ways.

If you don’t remember Occupy New York, 2011-2012, it is with us still, only a second edition, Occupy the Sequel. It began as a “laboratory-designed” spontaneous counter-agent to the genuinely spontaneous Tea Party, who romped through the 2010 midterms like wild geese in winter, returning House control to the GOP.

(So very long ago, and Republicans’ memories so very short.)

In St Louis, at Washington University hundreds or even thousands of young people were invited to camp out, with the standard inducements, beer, sex and doobies, to attend seminars about how to set up tents in New York, Oakland, and several cities around the county (mostly blue) and engage in political activism at a level they’d never really considered. Many were genuinely jobless, while others simply had degrees in Underwater Basket Weaving, with some talk hints back home that Mom and Dad were a little unhappy, after $75,000, they were still living at home[…]

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