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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

In the cosmology of things, this can never happen, since the contest between Good and Evil is eternal.

But that’s for those of you who read.

And today, many can’t…at least for comprehension.

But a serious caution; there are so many of them now they can be outcome determinative in this national struggle for the soul of America, which, we all agree, is tied to that eternal struggle, mentioned above.

To the extent that almost everyone engaged in this struggle…there are probably fewer “undecideds” standing on the sideline today than at any time in American history since the Civil War…both, think of their side as the “Good” and the other side “the Evil”, the sudden appearance of an army of know-nothings, teenage mutant tadpoles, should not be seen as mere coincidence.

Just as America was not a result of spontaneous combustion, neither was the deployment of this mutant tadpole army accidental. They are here, at this time, and in this place, for a purpose. Evil has its own invisible hand as well.

This is why I preach the gospel of the unified theory, for there is a great difference between an enemy who hates you, and wants to wants to control us totally, and one who merely wants to play political and rhetorical footsey with you in the never-ending pendulum of political power in America; four years to the right, then four years to the left. While everyone riding this pendulum are enriched in money and fame, and are deliriously happy about the good fortune that has befallen them, the right side never notices that every time the pendulum swings two steps forward, it’s three-four steps back.

The pendulum theory has had a serious hitch in its giddy-up since Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One in Dallas, November 22, 1963. (In the 52 yrs since LBJ was sworn in, the White was held by Dems 24 years, the GOP 28, yet look what we’ve lost over the same period.) Knowing this, the Left and their allies have created a war that has become good for everyone involved on both sides of the pendulum in terms of money, celebrity, even the illusion of power, all without, from our pro-American side, what Nassim Nicholas Taleb continuously refers to as “skin in the game”.

Therefore, the lust for this status makes our apostle-warriors never to want to see this contest end.

Conservatives and Republicans riding the pendulum never saw this inequality of political outcome the past 50 years. But the majority of America did, and they have renamed the palace of the pendulum “the Swamp”.

Thus a war within a war has begun, for as many as 40%-maybe 45%- of the people inside the Swamp are supposedly on the side of “the people” in this eternal fight against Evil, who wants to totally subjugate “the people” but who realty have no skin in the game to cause them to risk what “the people” risk just by being born. Even Rush Limbaugh has a bailout Plan B, probably New Zealand, which was the preferred place in the 1990s. (I placed a client there then.)

No, we’re on our own.

Of course, our people inside the Swamp know, actually believe, this can never happen, and the never-ending story of the Swamp will, well, never end. And Brett Baier believes, just as Brit Hume passed the mantle to him, he will be able to pass it on to another, as the fair-and-balanced antidote to whatever the Left has planned….a never ending game.

Most modern conservatives believe being “for something” was all they had to bring to the table to carry out their roles in this never-ending story. Truth, justice and the American Way. They never bargained on running into an opponent that was hellbent on their total destruction, and especially that “truth, justice and the American Way” riff. The Left had a totally different song, actually for many years, but have played the Swamp conservatives for many years, keeping their eye on the smaller game within the larger game[…]

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