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Every week, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: <b>When Does The Mueller Investigation End? With What Result?</b>

<a href=”http://www.theglitteringeye.com/”><b>Dave Schuler</b></a>: I figure I may live to see it.There will be more indictments for lying to the FBI or perjury.They won’t find an underlying crime.

<a href=”http://right-reason.com/”><b>Laura Rambeau Lee</b></a> : The Mueller investigation will go on through at least the 2018 elections if only to perpetuate the uncertainty of foreign governments interfering in our election process. In the end there will be no substantial indictments or convictions related to the investigation with which he was tasked.

<a href=”http://joshuapundit.blogspot.com/”><b>Rob Miller</b></a> : How long? A couple of possibilities. What Mueller is doing, with the help of the complicit media is indicting people on ‘process crimes.’ As we saw from the way Scooter Libby was railroaded, that can be as little as mistaking a date previously given during a prior interrogation by the&nbsp;<b>F</b>amous <b>B</b>ut <b>I</b>ncompetent. That’s not really enough to go anywhere with&nbsp; after millions of dollars and almost two years. Let’s also remember that Mueller is concentration on supposed Republican collusion with Russia and the Trump campaign rather than his original mandate to explore any Russian interference in our elections. If this swine was really doing that, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and a number of others would be under indictment since it’s become all too obvious that thereal collusion with the Russians came from Hillary, the DNC and the Democrats.

But of course, that would be getting a little too close to home for Mr. Mueller,<i> nicht wahr</i>? I still wonder why a second special prosecutor isn’t investigating the Uranium One affair, which involved bribery and collusion at the highest levels of government, greatly involved national security…<b><u>and happened on Mueller’s watch while he was head of the FBI and went through without a single caution or objection from him.</u></b>

Much depends on how the midterms turn out. If the Dems make significant gains, the faux investigation/witch hunt will get some new oxygen, although no real results will occur, which is generally what happens when you deliberately look in the wrong places. If, as is more likely, the Dem’s gains are slight and both houses remain in Republican hands, Mueller’s ‘investigation will take a few heads for process crimes and nothing else. J. Edgar would weep to see what the once fine organization he built from the ground up has degenerated into.

Well, there it is!

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