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Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Will The Memo Be Released? Why Or Why Not?

Bookworm Room : Scott Adams suggests that the memo’s strength lies in its existence, not in its contents. That means that the Republicans are running on con on the Democrats by hyperventilating about the memo’s contents to draw the Democrats out into the open by forcing them to defend themselves and their institutions, which should stop them from attacking Trump.

For once, I think Adams is too clever by half. The FBI’s known conduct over the past two years has been so heinous — engaging in a deliberately improper investigation into Hillary’s conduct; using the Steele memo, which the Fibbies knew was unsupported, to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign; engaging in a KGB/stasi-style raid on Manafort; forcing pleas from people who committed no wrongdoing other than being foolish enough to talk to the FBI; refusing to produce documents for Congress; etc. — there’s every reason to believe that its unknown conduct is even worse.

I’m therefore betting that there is in fact something explosive in that memo, although I don’t know whether it’s going to blow up the FBI, Holder’s and Lynch’s DOJ, or the Obama White House itself. Trump, though, is nothing if not a showman. He understands the wonders of giving his opponents enough rope to hang themselves before pulling the trap-door lever on the gallows. That is, he’s not going to allow premature lever-pulling. He probably wants to go a few more rounds before springing that fatal door. As Sean Hannity says, “tick-tock.”

Now that we’re in 2018, I wake up every day asking myself “what marvelous thing will Trump accomplish today?”. In 2017, Trump followed Scott Adams’ predicted path, going from Hitler, to incompetent, to “competent but we don’t like him.” But what we now know he did as well was to start laying traps for his opponents. That’s why 2018 is so great: he’s unfettered his competency and is springing those traps left and right.

If my understanding of Trump’s trajectory is correct, there’s no reason to believe that the memo will be as ephemeral as Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was. As you recall, Obama effectively used the idea of a birth certificate to bait those who opposed him. When push came to shove, though, he didn’t actually release a birth certificate. Instead, he released a PDF that was manifestly created from scratch on a computer. In other words, he didn’t produce red meat. He produced tofu disguised as red meat and amused himself watching his opponents lash themselves into a frenzy fighting over those fake crumbs.

(For the record, I believe Obama was Hawaiian born. I also think the fake PDF was just more clever baiting, intended to make his political opponents look irrational. What I think was really happening is that Obama falsely claimed to be a Kenyan national in order to leverage himself into colleges that, from 1978 onward, could no longer practice open affirmative action because they were hamstrung by the Supreme Court’s Bakke decision. Obama, an abysmal student, was counting on affirmative action. When that failed, he got creative.)

For now, I’m stocking up on popcorn. Whether the memo gets released or not (although I think it will), I know that Trump the showman is going to give me a spectacle I can enjoy.

Don Surber: Well, who am I to argue with Bookie?

Devin Nunes appears to have the goods on the FBI thanks to an honest inspector general. But Nunes has to get the public to care about this issue. It is tricky. The memo is a trick. And Bookie’s explanation of the Kenya deal is excellent. By the way, even if he were born in Nairobi, Obama would qualify as an American native. He never had to be naturalized, and that is the test. Heck, his 2008 opponent was born in Panama!

Trump likely is in on this memo deal, and maybe he advised Nunes on teasing it out there.

Rob Miller: A week ago, I would have said no to this question. The memo almost certainly documents several things…interference in a federal election, obstruction of justice and what amounts to an attempt at at a coup de etat against a legally elected, sitting president by members of the FBI and others in the deep state It also likely documents blatant misuse of the FISA court system and violations of the Fourth Amendment.

The reason I thought it wouldn’t see the light of day is because the FBI agents and others involved would never have done this on their own. They got their orders from above, which means then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, head of Obama’s Department of Justice. And if Lynch sings in exchange for no jail time, obese that trail leads back to her boss, our historic first black president. Ditto with Mrs. Clinton and Huma Abedin.

Needless to say, any legal proceedings involving Barack Hussein Obama would spark a great deal of what’s usually referred to by the euphemism of ‘civil unrest’ in America’s urban areas. Which, I think is exactly why Jeff Sessions has resisted making this public or appointing a Special Prosecutor.

Again,I would have said non,pas impossible a week ago, but now I’m not so sure. It appears that after mulling it over, President Trump apparently wants the Nunez memo released. Since Sessions serves at the President’s pleasure,he will either comply or retire ‘for health reasons’ or’ to spend more time with his family.’

Today’s news about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being allowed to ‘retire’ prior to his retirement date and collect his full pension rather than being thrown in jail is another proof that this is going to come out. McCabe’s wife received $700,000 from the Clintons via their favorite bag man Terry McAuliffe, and that obviously had a lot to do with what we know aboput how the investigation into Hillary’s numerous felonies was handled by Famous But Incompetent. McCabe as Deputy FBI director and Comey’s number two was obviously a part of what went down, and my take is that McCabe obviously decided to sing like a bird in exchange for being allowed to get out from under quietly. He won’t be the last.

If it is released, it’s going to be very difficult to keep up the fiction of the Mueller probe except among the True Believers, and the whole Trump/Russia/Collusion narrative is going to fall apart. Obama will probably NOT be involved, since we don’t put presidents in jail and they will either cut off the investigations below his level or Trump will make a deal with him in exchange for a presidential pardon. There’s something very humorous I could write here, but I’ll censor myself.

BTW, my own take on the whole Obama natural born citizen mishugas…I do think Obama was born here, although I doubt his father was Obama Sr. The Bamster closely resembles Frank Marshall Davis, the radical black communist activist his grandparents allowed the young Obama to spend a great deal of time with and who Obama himself has described as one of his mentors.

Davis also wrote a detailed and very realistic pornographic memoir of his relationship with a 19-year-old white girl very much like Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, that occurred about the same time Obama was born. And some interesting photographs of Ms. Dunham have since surfaced as well from that same time period. So who knows???

I actually think that the real problem has to do with Lolo Soetoro, the Indonesian Muslim who was Anne Dunham’s second husband and who legally adopted Barack Obama. Remember when Hawaii’s governor and Obama ally Neil Abercrombie swore that he was going to find Obama’s long form birth certificate and then couldn’t?

Simple explanation. Under the laws of most states, including Hawaii, when a step father adopts a minor child, a new birth certificate with the original DOB is issued with the child’s new surname. The governor couldn’t locate it because it was likely filed under Soetoro.

Since a key part of Obama’s mythology involved identifying with his supposed father Barack Obama Sr. and using that as his name, there’s a major problem if this is what happened. Every piece of legislation, judicial appointments, pardons, et al that were signed by what amounted to Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘stage name’ would be null and void.

Reason enough, I think for him to do whatever needed to be done to keep this a secret.


Laura Rambeau Lee : President Trump has requested that the memo be released to the public. Many of us have long suspected the Obama Justice Department abused its power numerous times over the course of his administration. There is a lot of public pressure being put on Congress to release it, and several Congressmen who have read it have intimated publicly that it confirms the Obama Administration’s abuse of power in using the infamous and highly suspect Trump dossier to obtain FISA warrants to tap the phones of members of candidate and later President-Elect Trump’s campaign and transition team. The success of our republic depends on its transparency. The memo should be released and I believe it will be.

The American people must know for certain whether Obama’s Justice Department and FBI had political actors intent on assuring a Clinton win, and in the off chance she did not win to obtain dirt on members of Trump’s team that could be used to take him down. We the American people demand to know the truth. And once confirmed we expect these abuses of power to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Our confidence in the integrity of our Justice Department and its adherence to the rule of law must be restored.

Well, there it is!

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