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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

You know me and my thing with Lucifer. Still,  I’m not one of those who believe that Satan personifies himself in any man. We are too quick to say that so-and-so is “pure evil” when in fact, that is likely not the case. For one, that is not how Satan works. He uses people, especially the vain and arrogant who think they are too smart and too clever to be beguiled by any ancient superstition. Marxists, lawyers, and academics, are all among Old Clootie’s most prized and juicy possessions for that very reason; that they don’t even believe He exists. I remember that line delivered by Tom Hanks, as Professor Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code sequel, “Angels and Demons’ where an archbishop in the Vatican asked him if he was religious and he answered, “No, I’m an academic”. (More on that at another time.) So-called cult Satanists are joyriders only, poseurs. Satan doesn’t seek worshipers, but only to stand between God and His.

If you study politics, remember this, for the Modern Left does the same; stand between Men and Liberty.

Most people, when they think of pure Evil, think of Adolf Hitler first, more often than Stalin or Mao, (which has always bothered me), but I can find nothing about these men that makes me think they ever gave Evil a second thought. They did evil things, for sure, but because they were types who were disposed to behave in that way in the first place…if only they could get away with it.  It was only for them to beat the odds by choosing politics than other forms of crime, to get where they could kill millions instead of just killing puppies with a ball peen hammer. These were people with holes in their souls. Satan didn’t put those holes there, they were just “easy marks” to do his dirty work. It was always just a crap shoot whether they would be end up in a reformatory, prison, death row, or some day become Senate majority leader. Both Nature and civilized society have always set seine nets out to capture these poison fish before they got too big, and remove them from the gene pool, but some always escape it, and have since Attila first learned to ride a horse. The law of averages.

Which brings me to the Modern Left.

I actually dislike Bill Clinton more than I do Obama, in part because I was a couple of  law school classes ahead of him, and recognized the “type” always instantly once he thrust himself onto the public stage. In those days every class had at least one Bill Clinton. But I’ve never thought of Bushel Britches as “evil”, although he clearly has enabled Satan to do his works at several levels in American cultural and political life. Obama, on the other hand, while I don’t consider him to be evil either, does seem to have been “placed’ in certain circumstances and positions that seem to have been laid out for him in advance; part of a larger scheme. Clinton’s rise I considered “fortuitous” like Hitler a naturally draw for every kind of deviant thinking their respective societies could produce, and probably something of a fluke which probably won’t happen again, while Obama seems to have had the road to power paved for him, a slot-filler, just as Josef Stalin was and who mass killed in the ordinary course of political necessity, not hate.

I could write a book of all the things Satan hates about America. In fact, I’m working on one now. But highest among them is this idea of  American exceptionalism. Obama’s distaste for America isn’t just elistist (French) it’s almost religious (olde French, even pharaonic), which is why I think Obama’s being “handled” in this regard.

There are three components to American Exceptionalism, all three of which Lucifer, and the Left, despise: 1) our ability to arise above our common origins, 2) our selflessness and 3) our sense of reciprocity with one another[…]

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