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BREAKING: See my post over at Grumpy Opinions entitled, “GOP Lawmakers: ‘Intel Comm. Must Release Classified Memo on DOJ, FBI #FISAabuse to Public

This week continues to get stranger by the hour but one thing is certain, Progressives have openly declared war on all of America; and if what I am relaying here is true, Congressional and Senate Committee members along with everyone else are fair game to be preyed upon by Marxists.


Would Twitter REALLY shut down the twitter account of the “House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence”? The twitter handle is allegedly @HPSCI.

If @HPSCI is really the twitter handle of the “House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence,” as of 3:03 a.m. this morning (Friday 1/19/2018) the account remains suspended begging one to ask, why is Twitter censuring/banning a Congressional agency?

Let’s just say for a moment that Twitter intentionally suspended the account…how low will Progressives sink? In light of the insanity, I took the following screenshot just moments ago.



Did Twitter just shut down the twitter account of the “House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence”? They’re twitter handle is allegedly @HPSCI.

On Thursday afternoon, early evening reports began to surface across the social media site that Twitter suspended the twitter account of the “House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence” [@HPSCI] (i) after calls by GOP lawmakers that a four-page classified memo revealing FISA abuses be made public and (ii) calls to #ReleasetheDocument #ReleasetheMemo #FISAabuse heated up as these hashtags began trending well into the night. (Although still trending, twitter as usual has removed the hashtags from the sidebar.)

The memo allegedly exposes alleged government surveillance (FISA) abuses and collusion between members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the FBI, the DOJ and quite possibly the Clintons long-time pal, Sydney Blumenthal to undermine the campaign and presidency of President Donald J. Trump.

Apparently, it’s getting a little too hot for some folks and the timing of the alleged suspension of THE “House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence” [@HPSCI], provided that is the their account is SUSPECT leading one to ask, who was it this time, Jack Dorsey or another disgruntled employee on his or her final day of work? Or is this a hoax intended to divert attention away from Republicans calling for the public release of the memo?

Moving on…for now.