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The best reaction to the alleged “sh*thole remark,” if the accused (President Donald J. Trump) made said remark comes from Jon Rappoport. Below is part of Rappoport’s post. Please click the link at the bottom to continue reading his post in its entirety. There’s a lot there that brings the whole discussion full circle.

Rappoport exposes the globalists, the hypocrisy of their attacks on the President and the fact that they don’t give a damn about the miserable state and surroundings of those living in third world countries, i.e., conditions of which Communists are wielding as a weapon to malign and destroy President Trump.

Jon Rappoport’s Blog by Jon Rappoport

(Assuming Trump made the remark as reported—he denies it)

You’re not a terrorist.

You aren’t trying to emigrate.

You aren’t a refugee who refuses to assimilate, who feels entitled to abuse his wife in any way he wants to, for any reason.

You’re not a member of the vicious MS-13 gang.

You’re not involved in child sex trafficking.

You’re not making anchor babies.

You’re not a pirate, a kidnapper, a street thug, or a drug dealer.

You’re one of the millions and millions of people who simply live out their lives where they are. You represent a FAR larger population than all the above categories put together.

You and your family call home a tiny shack in a large crowded city in an African country. Your family has existed in the throes of poverty and extreme hunger for many generations.

You drink water that is pumped directly from untreated sewage.

Garbage is strewn in the streets[…]

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