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Incredible isn’t it that everyone who is calling President Donald J. Trump a racist over an alleged statement about Haiti, El Salvador and African nations, comments of which POTUS denies have never taken a vacation (nor will they) in those nations.

At the same time, I have heard the exact same sentiment spoken verbatim by neighbors and people in New York City, many of whom are Haitians. Adding to that, many folks from the Caribbean feel the same way about Haiti and they’re not ashamed to say it (pursuant to a discussion I had last week with a man from Guyana).

Thus, out of the Progressives’ playbook such a statement is racist depending on who says it which goes to show how full of crap they are. This is nothing but a nasty distraction to weaken the President and take him away from his agenda.

Since Progressives always accuse others of that which they themselves are guilty, cat out of the bag, we now know how the swamp view these nations.